Here at  Skunk Airsoft Works we are a small independent business that has been grown from the kitchen table. The aim in the beginning was simple, I wanted airsoft weapons and kit that were different, a break from the norm. I have over 100 custom builds, each 1 different and not repeated, each one is unique.

Some i've kept, some have sold and some have been stripped.

So where we are today? After saving, starving and a great deal of studying, I am moving the business to the next level and branching out into retail. Now I am under no illusion that its going to be a doddle because it aint, but without giving it a go i would be sat in 30 years telling people i 'could' of rather than i 'did'.

So less of the soppy crap and more of what we do .


The custom builds will be a definate once everything is running smoothly. These are done on a  on a 1 to 1 basis so the customer gets the best out of the build.

Service ,Repairs and upgrades

Turn around on service and repair work is aimed to be  quick and efficient.If for any reason I can't achieve this you will be contacted,also if parts are needed you will be contacted prior to fitting or repair as no one likes suprise bills.


The retail arm will carry stock and whats on the site is what we have. If your looking for something we don't have please get in touch and we will do our best to source and supply the item at the  best UK price possible.

Thanks for your support.


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Skunk Airsoft Works GB Limited

Sales, Service, Custom Builds

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​Tel: 07557 130097


UK Company Registration 10036516

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L1A1 SLR  Skunk built

Browning 1911 chrome and wood skunk built

​ROMI rpk  skunk build

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*custom work